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A Cup of Tea Around the World


There’s nothing more English than a cup of tea… everyone knows that. But there’s nothing more freeing than a Brit having a cup of tea looking out over the beauty of California’s Great Redwood Forest. Beats sitting inside while it’s pouring down with rain outside 😉

It has been my dream, ever since I was a little lad, to travel over to the states (to cross the pond as the Americans like to say) and drink a cup of tea in all 50 states! My travels have begun in California; where, as the outdoorsy kind of guy I am, I took residence in the Great Redwood Forest. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the State Park along the beautiful coast line of California and after arriving and having my first cup of tea across the pond, I couldn’t be happier about where my travels have begun.

After the Redwood Forest, I can’t wait to head down south and eat some insane BBQ food, try some ‘sweet tea’ and show those southerns what a real cup of tea is!

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