The Los Angeles Coffee Festival 2018


Last weekend was the debut of the Los Angeles Coffee Festival, held by the Allegra Group, which has done other coffee festivals in London, New York, Milan and Amsterdam.


In addition to delicious coffee + food, a coffee mixology bar, live music, coffee-inspired artwork and latte art demonstrations, 10% of profits were donated to Project Waterfall, which partnered with NYC-based Charity: Water, to deliver life-changing water projects in coffee-growing regions.


Magic Box at The Reef downtown is not the easiest space to turn into cohesive experience, but the event was well organized and for all the different things that were happening there – from art to music to cocktails and live coffee demonstrations, it had a very nice flow to it. There were also plenty of fun activities for participants (both newbies and experts alike).

Chuck + team at  Good People Coffee

Chuck + team at Good People Coffee


I hung out with my friend Chuck Herrera from Good People Coffee, took in some latte art, and also learned how to make a perfect espresso shot with La Marzocco (aced it)!

Los Angeles Music Project.jpg

Other personal favorites were: 

  • Layered Blue Moon Milk Tea (mmm) by Rishi Tea

  • The live music supported by Coffee Music Project

  • Watching latte art battles in the East Coast vs. West Coast Head-to-Head Barista Throwdown!  

  • Checking out #projectwaterfallchallenge where people test their strength by holding up containers of water at a chance to win coffee equipment