Caffeinate on Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we wanted to share some tips on how to re-use your old coffee grinds. First dry out your used coffee grinds on a cookie sheet. Then try our top 3 favorites below!

1)    Help Your Plants!

Coffee grounds contain important nutrients for the soil like nitrogen and therefore can be used as a great slow-release fertilizer. Certain plants may respond better than others to coffee grinds (and the acidity in them) so do a bit of research ahead of time. In general, the best way to use coffee grinds for plants is to sprinkle them onto the plant soil or include it as part of your larger compost. Avoid pouring a giant layer of coffee grinds on top of your soil.

2)    Caffeinate Your Spring Cleaning

a.     Deodorize your fridge with coffee grinds – just like baking soda. You can leave a bowl of coffee grinds in your fridge for a couple of days to absorb any odors.

b.     Clean the drains. Pour grounds down the drain, followed by dish soap and boiling water. Et voila!

c.     Scrub those pots. Just like a body scrub, you can mix the grinds with detergent to help scrub the pots and pans.

3)    Make a Yummy Body Scrub!

·      1 cup coffee grinds

·      1 cup coconut oil (or sweet almond oil also works)

·      ½ cup sugar

·      Few drops of vanilla if you like vanilla lattes. Or lavender if you’re feeling extra exotic

Extra fun tip: Combine cleaning the drains by pouring some dish soap down the drain afterwards and then running the hot water for 3-5 minutes.