Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

December: Healthy Holidays

This month we’re talking about ways to stay healthy, especially throughout the holidays. When I sat down with LA trainer, Beka Badila to talk about her lifestyle, she gave some great tips on staying healthy for the holidays. Here are my top 3 favorites – they’re simple ideas to keep in mind all year around. 

1)   Plan, Plan, Plan

·      Planning ahead is key. Plan your workout days for the week.  Actually schedule in your classes and book your training sessions so you’ll be accountable for going. 

·      Plan your meals if you can. You can have cheat days (especially around holiday gatherings), but it’s easier if you can also balance those out with healthier meals.  

·      Plan for the occasion. If you’re going to parties, bring something healthy to share or snack on if you’re not sure what will be served there.  If you’re traveling, figure out your food options in advance. 

2)   Be Mindful

·      Be mindful while you’re eating. Really take the time to taste the food. You don’t have to deprive yourself of food, but choose the healthier options and listen to your body when it’s full. When you’re out at parties, people are more social and tend to get distracted while eating and don’t think about how much they consume. As long as you’re giving yourself healthy treats – you can choose if you want to have a little bit more. 

3)   Find YOUR balance. 

·      Everyone is wired differently. Your exercise and meal routine can look very different from someone else’s. Experiment with different ones. Find the one that works for you and stick to it.  

·      With exercise, sometimes you’ll have more time in the week to devote to a training session, sometimes you don’t. Try to just keep yourself moving throughout the day. 

·      Enjoy the holiday treats, but keep in mind that not every meal needs to be the fun cheap meal. When you do choose something decadent though, really savor and enjoy it. And if you do overeat at a party, give yourself a break. It doesn’t help to get mad at yourself. Balance it out by choosing the healthier option the next day and working out.