Superfood Lattes from SAKU Tea

Ok I like coffee you say, but can I please get a little more variety? And what if I still want my warm foamy drink with the pretty latte art? Oh and what about this whole new superfood trend – can you sprinkle some of that in my drink too? “Sure, we can do it all,” says SAKU tea. Started as tea offerings in an art gallery in Bellingham, Washington, the creators of SAKU tea have made a unique line of colorful, delicious and healthy superfood drinks. We sat down with one of the founders, Kuros, to learn more.


Q: How did you get started with teas and tea lattes?

About 4 years ago, my wife Sandra and I liquidated our lives and traveled around the world with our 2 kids. We went to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Morocco and many other places. The whole experience left us with a lot of inspiration, flavors and ideas. We hatched the idea for the company from there. Our friend had an art gallery in Bellingham, Washington and when we got back, we started a tea bar there. We eventually took on the whole space and expanded the menu to include many traditional teas as well as superfood lattes. We called our company SAKU Tea, named after my wife and I (SAndra and KUros). Throughout the process we were sourcing tea from abroad and honing our various recipes.

Q: How did the tea bar turn into what SAKU Tea is today?

We wanted to focus on how we could get our product into a wider audience and help to spread awareness for the health benefits of functional foods, adaptogens and superfoods. Our aim has always been to spread health and happiness and to influence people in a positive way. What really helped to propel our company forward was our business partner, Steve, who is the “numbers and operations” side of our business. We started to package and wholesale the product. Having the tea bar was great because we could add new items to our menu and get the public’s feedback. Eventually, the tea bar was sold because we wanted to focus solely on our wholesale business. 


Q: How big is the superfood/wellness latte trend right now?

If we’re talking about ancient superfoods, turmeric, for example, in the form of "golden milk” has been a traditional wellness drink in India and Asia for literally thousands of years. That’s why our tagline is “Ancient Superfoods with a Modern Twist!” Wellness drinks have been big in Australia for quite some time. Beetroot and turmeric-based drinks are pretty mainstream there. We then saw the trend moving to the UK, Canada, and now Europe. It’s definitely becoming more popular here. Lately, we have been creating partnerships with many new coffee shops each week who are having a lot of success serving our blends. I mean it’s got so many health benefits. And you can have your coffee in the morning and switch over to a wellness latte in the afternoon. With our products, you can make it hot or iced, so they are great any time of year. 

Q: Tell us a bit about creating the products and their names?

We have a blending and packaging facility in Bellingham, WA. We source the freshest, purest, organic ingredients from around the world. We then grind and mix it to our specifications – to where we want it to be. Our long-term goal is to partner with the farmers who are producing the ingredients and to incorporate supporting their communities as part of a larger give-back program. 

The products are actually named after different jewels or metals due to their vibrant color and valuable benefits. For example, you’ll see Ruby Cocoa, Golden Chai, Vanilla Maple Jade, etc. And we’re coming out with 2 exciting new flavors featuring “black matcha" soon, so stay on the lookout. 


Q: What is SAKU’s Best Selling Drink and its Benefits?

Our best selling drink is the Golden Chai, where the primary ingredient is turmeric. The overall feeling you get from it is a calming, but gently stimulating effect. And that’s due to the amazing combination of the nutrients reaching your brain. It has almost like a magic synergistic effect. Loaded with potent antioxidants, turmeric has anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory qualities, among many other benefits. Also, both that, the ginger and the cardamom in it are great for your digestive system. 

When to drink it?

Good in the evening after dinner or anytime of the day as well. Our beverages work on ice too if you want a cool drink. Sometimes I have it with a dollop of ghee or a drizzle of healthy oil, plus a handful of nuts and a bit of fruit - instead of a meal. 

Other ingredients: Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper (read more about all their healing properties here)

How to Make It (Hot)

·      Add a teaspoon of the Golden Chai and your choice of milk into a milk frother (Kuros prefers oat milk)

·      Optional: add sweetener to the mix (suggest honey or maple syrup)

·      Turn on the milk frother 

·      Without a milk frother, just heat and mix everything together on the stove

·      You can also heat everything up and put it in a blender for a nice froth

How to Make It (Cold)

 ·      Add a teaspoon of the Golden Chai and mix it with some hot water 

·      Optional: add sweetener to the mix (suggest honey or maple syrup)

·      Add ice and your choice of milk into a glass

·      Pour the mix into the glass and stir 

Additional tips?

·      Oat milk is good because it is very healthy, has a neutral flavor and good consistency for drinks.

·      Maple syrup tastes great with the matcha and beet blends if you like a sweetener, and honey is good with the turmeric blends. 


Find out more about Saku Tea here.