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Combating Fear

Post 2016 election, I felt a lot of things come up for me. The emotions from that, coupled of the departure of a few close friends, came in waves at random moments all week. I felt myself bounce between sadness and fear and back to sadness again. As I’m writing, I’m sitting in the Verve cafe in West Hollywood and watching a beautiful rainstorm outside - a LA rarity. The rain is coming down in sheets, skipping across the green and blue tiles by the entrance of the shop. It reminds me of a much needed cleansing. 

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How Neighbors Can Help You Out of Tricky Situations

How well do you know your neighbors? Do you say hi when you pass them in the elevator? Do you know their names? You see these people everyday in the in the elevators and on the streets. Sometimes you say hi. Sometimes you smile and nod. Or sometimes you just stare down at your phone, not making eye contact. In fact, how well do we really know our neighbors?

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