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The Art of Spilled Coffee

“In my head, I’m a designer first and foremost. I just pattern my designs with spilled coffee.” Jon Norquist discovered a new avenue for his creativity from spilled coffee. His artwork grew from his kitchen table in Tacoma, Washington to being featured on major media outlets and live corporate events around the country. Q: Tell…

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Barista Training with Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

“The most gratifying part for me and Matt is helping and mentoring people and seeing them succeed.” This month, we’re highlighting Bellissimo – American Barista & Coffee Workshops. Bellissimo started and evolved from a publishing company to a coffee consulting business, which created training aides for the coffee industry. Father and son team, Bruce and…

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Roasting in LA: An Inside Look at Jones Coffee Roasters

You walk into Jones Coffee Roasters on Raymond Ave in Pasadena and it’s truly an all-around sensory experience. Flashes of color from neon signs, vibrant murals on the walls, comfy sofas/chairs and a classic wooden piano decorate the space. Aside from the regular bustling beats of the coffee shop, other sound highlights include live jazz…

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