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Embracing the Creativity of Halloween

There’s an episode where Claire Dunphy from Modern Family goes nuts over Halloween. That’s pretty much me. I. love. Halloween. I call it the holiday of creativity. Sure, you can argue that you can be innovative on any holiday with decorations. But when else are you going to get the chance to squeeze yourself into a paper maché outfit or go balls to the wall on a ridiculous costume, create an attire based on a pun (that sometimes no one gets). But it is a cauldron of creativity (yes, pun intended). There’s something about the social aspect of this holiday, where people let their guard down and talk to strangers. Where is perfectly normal to start conversations with random people who appreciate you for approaching them with, “Wait, you must be…” The costumes are are an excuse to compliment someone’s bizarre outfit that they have poured hours of sweat and paint into. That simple acknowledgment is an instant bonding experience.

I also love Halloween because of the seasonality of it. Everything about Halloween screams fall. Maybe you’re picking out tangerine pumpkins to carve out to decorate your porch. Or maybe you’re taking your kids trick-or-treating, walking down the street where the leaves are scattered leaving patterns and trails for you to follow. Or maybe you’re sitting at home with a spiced latte, waiting for the treat-or-treaters to come by. Yes, kids love Halloween, but Halloween can be a celebration for adults too. Feel free to use this holiday as an excuse to nourish your creative soul and talk to some strangers.