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Do Candles Make Your Life Better?

Every year, publications like The World Happiness Report, The Economist, Bloomberg, etcetera rank the Scandinavian countries as the happiest countries on earth-with Denmark consistently at the top. There is are many reasons for this, but one interesting intangible reason is the idea of “Hygge.” Simply put, this is the concept of coziness. Warm woolen socks,…

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Goal-setting with Sarah Findlay

Q: You decided to move to Los Angeles. How did that come about? All LA is – was following my instincts. Before I was even in my relationship, I thought maybe LA and it was very quiet thought. I didn’t immediately follow that instinct at the time. Now fast forward to October 2015, in the…

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Embracing the Creativity of Halloween

There’s an episode where Claire Dunphy from Modern Family goes nuts over Halloween. That’s pretty much me. I. love. Halloween. I call it the holiday of creativity. Sure, you can argue that you can be innovative on any holiday with decorations. But when else are you going to get the chance to squeeze yourself into…

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How Neighbors Can Help You Out of Tricky Situations

How well do you know your neighbors? Do you say hi when you pass them in the elevator? Do you know their names? You see these people everyday in the in the elevators and on the streets. Sometimes you say hi. Sometimes you smile and nod. Or sometimes you just stare down at your phone,…

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What Do Chance Encounters of the Past Bring Up for You?

Growing up on the East Coast, I made the decision to move out to California over 4 years ago. I don’t always get to see friends from back home, but this past week I’ve been having a string of blasts-from-the-past type encounters. An old friend and I recently reconnected and made plans to meet up…

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How to Gather a Group of Friends

We all have an innate desire to connect. Our social interactions lead us to more joy and vice versa. Studies have even shown that social interactions help to lower stress levels – that indeed our friends and hobbies can help us to live a longer and healthier life. If you want to build and nurture…

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