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Crafting the Perfect Drink In the UK Barista Championship

"I used to work as a bartender, and in the wine industry, so I really like tasting stuff. As a barista you have the privilege to have access to so many tasty coffees, and the skills to perfect how the coffee is served."


Will Pitts, the Head of Beverages at Sans Pere in London, who recently placed second in this year’s SCAE UK Barista Championship. 

Born and raised in St Ives, Will Pitts has been working within the coffee industry for the past six years. Will’s 15-minute demonstration at the UK Barista Championship had a fun, tropical theme. One of 6 finalists, Will impressed the judges with his choice of coffee; a naturally processed yellow pacamara roasted by Origin, which produces an espresso with tropical notes of passion fruit, pineapple and mango. Pitts also presented latte art dice for the judges to roll, which determined the latte artwork they received on their beverages. Following this, Pitts created his signature drink - an espresso pina colada which combined espresso, passion fruit jam and coconut Mylk...YUM! All the ingredients were stirred together in a frozen pineapple and served cold in a miniature frozen cocktail glass creating a tropical sensation. Will said “I wanted to create a menu based around the theme of fun, making specialty coffee more accessible to the masses. This is something we, as an industry, should be striving to achieve.”  

Will’s fun personality is evident in the shop he works at as well. A lifestyle house in the heart of the Shoreditch neighborshood of London, Sans Pere is built around the themes of family, food and the home. The space incorporates a restaurant, in-house patisserie kitchen, specialty coffee and tea bar and homewares store. And now it boasts the second place UK Barista Champion as it’s head of beverages!

Watch the Will’s full demonstration at the Championship finals below. And in the spirit of this month’s theme of learning new skills, why not go add a latte art class (or any other kind of art class) to your bucket list.  

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