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Thanks Tinder for Introducing me to a Surf Pal

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I moved my entire life from Melbourne to LA a couple of months ago. One of the new friends I made here actually happened through Tinder. No, it wasn’t the person I actually went out with on from Tinder. On the date I talked about surfing a lot and this guy [alias: George] said I should meet this friend, Trina, as she loves surfing as much as I do. He texted her as we were on this date for us to meet up. We went to a group picnic in the park and the rest is history. We have so much in common, from our love of surfing to skateboarding and lifestyle. We hang out all the time now. And George? I haven’t seen George since our first date, but grateful to him and Tinder for introducing me to my surf buddy and new BFF in LA. Always be open to new ways of finding friends!