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  • To put the spotlight on you to share your story with others
  • To foster real conversations and connections between people and communities
  • To provide inspiration and add a bit of fun in our lives

    My Goldilocks journey to find my ideal city led me from my home town in NJ through Boston, New York City, Paris, Beijing, Pittsburgh, and finally landing in sunny LA. I started Coffee Confessionals out of my passion for connection with others and story sharing over coffee.

    Name: Jing
    Location: Los Angeles
    3 Words That Describe Me: Curiosity, Simplicity, Collaboration My Favorite
    Coffee Drink: Flat white, extra shot if it's extra early
    What Energizes Me? Hanging out with friends and dancing anytime of the day
    Coffee Shops Allow Me To... Contemplate life while blogging and people watching

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